In this post I’m going to give my reasons why I think you should not just post on blogs that don’t use the no follow attribute, or just pick the forums with high PR to make posts in.

1) No follow links do count for something – see my previous blog post

2) Sites may change from using no follow to not using it and vice versa.

3) You should have natural linking – it should not look like you only went after the best links, so do not only use links without no follow.

Also use a mixture of sites to links from blogs, forums etc and a mixture of PR.

Apart from creating a more natural mixture of links a site that is PR0 today could be much higher in the months to come.

4) Using a mixture of links is easier – you don’t have to check for no follow or PR just a mixture of quality relevant sites (at least some sites should be about a related topic to yours – another much debated point.)

Don’t forget to come back for more posts about linking.

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