Planning the year ahead is important if you are going to succeed online but after the Christmas and New Year break it can take time to get the momentum going again.

I went away on a coach trip to Austria (videos and photos to follow) and came back to a flood of orders on Amazon. That sometimes happens after Christmas – I think some people wait to see what presents they get then buy the items they wanted but didn’t get!

I’m now running the Printing and Mail Order businesses until March while my partner is away so I won’t have so much time to spend on my IM business (hence this is my first blog post of 2010!)

By the time I get home in the evening I don’t feel like doing much online, which I expect a lot of people can identify with. I know a lot of people have to squeeze their IM into a few hours evenings and weekends. The key is to have a solid plan and focus on what works – easier said than done.

I’m taking some time to decide my overall direction for 2010, and in the mean time carrying on with some Giveaways and Adswaps to keep my business growing.

At the moment my ideas are either:

1) To focus on Amazon and if I can turn my experience into a replicable system create a series of products and a membership site around that.
I noticed there are tons of products about eBay but very few about Amazon. I have a lot of information I’ve gathered during ten years of selling on Amazon that I’ve never seen mentioned by anyone.

2) To create a coaching program for internet marketing with a JV partner (I don’t have one yet)
This would be a $1 trial then monthly membership and would cover a wide range of topics including technical support.
The reason for needing a partner for this is that I have experience of some areas, and my potential partner would have complimentary skills.
Also a coaching program is a lot of work so doing it by myself would be tough.

Watch this space for more news…

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