Why Keith In Whitehaven?

You may notice I have a slightly odd title to my post this time  -I’m testing to see if I can rank this post on search engines for the place where I live – ‘Whitehaven‘ and for my first name ‘Keith‘.

So here’s what I’m doing for the terms Keith and Whitehaven and what you can do for your keywords:

1)  Create  a post or posts aimed at your keywords (single words are the hardest to rank for of course).

As well as having the words in the title, they are also in the URL.  When I post on other blogs who use a plugin such as comment love that will show this post to and create links back with the keywords in the anchor text.

2)  Have have links using your keywords going to authority sites – you can find out about the word Keith on Wikipedia and this is the listing for Whitehaven on the same site.  This type of link adds to your relevance.

3) Have your keywords  in bold and or underlined eg Keith and Whitehaven (they are underlined earlier in this post)

4) Have your keywords in H1, H2, And H3 tags.

5) Add related terms in your post – not very easy for mine but  I can say:

 When I started out just getting top for my whole name ‘Keith Purkiss’ was hard – now the top 100 results are nearly all either my sites, or mentions of me on colleagues’ sites.

6) Add a catagory for your keywords and add the posts to the relevant ones.

7) Create tags for the keywords and tag the posts.

I’ve already created WHITEHAVEN and KEITH tags and catagories a week ago.

I gained a second spot on Googles first page in a search for Whitehaven by changing my first blog post:


I’m have no ranking at all for Cumbria (the county I live in) , but I’m giving it a shot…

 So what use is this to you?

Try the information above to get ranked for your local town – this is going to impress offline businesses that you can hire your SEO services out to.


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