The 16th December is a very sad day of the year for those of us who met Colm Butterly online via one of the forums he participated in such as Lee McIntyre’s standing start Profits where we were both moderators.

He tragically passed away on December 16th 2007 when he was only 47, leaving an expectant wife and a young son.

He helped many people with there online businesses including myself, and there are many tributes to him around the web.
I changed my Squidoo lens into a tribute 2 years ago

I was one of the winners of his SEO competition and won a copy of his first (and unfortunately as it turned out – only) ebook.

I took out my affiliate link and pointed it directly to his site so that his family got any money from sales, but when I checked it out for writing this post I found both his blog and ebook site have now gone.

His domains have expired and the worst thing is his SEO ebook one had become a porn site. (That’s why I am not linking to it or mentioning his ebook’s name here). I checked it out again and the content had changed, however it could change back at any time.

Any affiliate links that site exist on squidoo lenses, blogs etc with now be promoting this site so please take your links down ASAP.

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