I spent Friday and Saturday in Manchester at Lee McIntyre’s second workshop, and was lucky to meet many interesting people – I will be saying more in future posts.

Below is a photo me with John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. I met Dave at the last workshop, but this is the first time I’ve met John. He helped me with my first product over two years ago and his promotion gave me a list of 100s of subscribers.

I didn’t expect them to be there as they have a big launch coming up. I won’t be mentioning many products on my blog, but this one is I believe worth a big mention.

It’s called Multi Profit Websites and is new way to run your website business the way you want to.

Here’s a brief summary of how it works:

Over 2 years in development and over $100k spent to make this site the ultimate business website available to you today.

Upon viewing the site, you can immediately see in the personal website control panel that your options are extensive to say the least. The amount of customisable options is virtually limitless.
You have the ability to add your own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), choose your own passwords to login to the site, setup your eBay shop (if you have one) if not simply remove the option, you can affiliate any eBay product you wish from any eBay in the world, use Amazon, Clickbank, Pay Dot Com, or simply use
your own content by using the easy edit HTML builder which is so simple to use it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1, Upload your site.
2, Fill it with any content you own or pre loaded content from the admin panel.
3, You’re ready to rock and roll.

It really is that simple!

Now if you are thinking “what could this do for me” then you are on the same wave length as I was when I first saw the site. The answer is in a nut shell ‘Anything’ Multi Profit Websites is so versatile whatever your business angle it will accommodate it with ease. Car sales to Digital Products to Affiliate Marketing it’s all there for you to utilise to your advantage. Not sure then take a look at the live examples on the site, they really did sell it for me:

Multi Profit Websites

Why would you pay for big design companies when you can have your own website and as many of them as you like with your own custom graphics too all for the same price. Pick your niche, choose your graphics and your ready to go.

Seriously, Multi Profit Websites is so versatile ANYTHING is possible and it’s so easy too!

If there is one purchase to improve your business, novice to marketing pro this is certainly the buy of the year.

Multi Profit Websites

I guarantee this is something anyone can use and to back this up I will spend one hour on skype with you helping you set up a site! (I’ll even do it all for you if need be ) Just forward me your receipt to show it was bought via my affiliate link and we will arrange a time.

Apparently there’s going to be a special launch price so my advice is check it out quick
Multi Profit Websites

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