Normally I would not make this type of post but I know one or two other students have had some tough times too and commented about it. Also Alex Jeffreys advised us to explain our current position on our blogs so that people can follow our progress.

This is not the type of blog post I’d ever planned to make, but so here goes.
(I may still change my mind and remove this post)

Everyone has good and bad days, but Wednesday 29th July was my worst in ten years of running businesses online.

Our printing business has been quiet recently anyway because of the time of year, the credit crunch etc, and our online sales have reached an all time low. That’s due to the amount of competition – people selling items for 1p plus shipping.

My girlfriend gave up her job as a financial controller to join the printing business and our combined income had already dropped far below her previous salary, and she had to give up her BMW company car and drive a small Honda instead.

I was beginning to see some success with my coaching course and had started to build a long term business and I felt things were improving gradually.

But then disaster struck!

My main eBay account which I have had since 1999 and had built up a feedback of 31756 was suspended. I have no idea why – it has 99.8% positive feedback and we have not had a warning of any problem.

I asked eBay why and this was the reply:

“I’ve personally reviewed your account and can confirm that it’s
restricted from selling on eBay. The reason for this is that your
account breached eBay’s Seller Non-Performance policies.

While your account is restricted you won’t be able to sell on eBay,
however you may continue to buy items, leave Feedback, access emails in
My Messages and do most other administrative tasks.”

That doesn’t answer anything – I am still trying to resolve the problem. This kind of situation is not uncommon on eBay.

eBay was not the main source of sales, but it was a backup and I intended to build up the business again on there – an opportunity now taken away for no apparent reason.

Wednesday evening we really couldn’t see how we could keep on our mail order staff.
We reluctantly abandoned our plan of going on holiday to Ireland at the end of August.
It looked like we could not afford to keep on our staff – I would have to go back to packing the orders myself (the few that we now have) try and find more business elsewhere. That would mean I have less time for my coaching studies. I realise a lot of other students have full time jobs and must really have to work hard to keep up, but I really wanted to put a lot of effort into my information busienss and build it fast.

I hardly slept at all Wednesday night. I felt I was trapped in a corner with no way out.

Thursday morning I got up knowing I had to do something fast and
I remembered what Alex Jeffreys said a few weeks ago
“Winner Never Quit, Quiters Never Win”

I abandoned the plans I had made already and began to work out how to strike back…

[To be continued..]


Forgot to mention my Amazon account also had a warning on it and payments are being withheld.

Things can only get better…

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