If you’re running an Internet business it’s almost certain that you’re going to be Blogging. The biggest challenge facing most bloggers is driving traffic to your blog. Here you will find 10 tips from David Walker to help you get more viewers to your blog posts.

1. Get listed in Search Engines

A blog, like any website, will not be listed in Search Engines by default.

To get started you should either add the URL of your blog to Search Engines using the ‘add url’ page or obtain a quality inbound link to your website.

A link to your blog from a web page of Google Pagerank 4 or above will more-or-less guarantee your blog is indexed by the various search engines within a week.

2. Interact with your readers

A common feature of a blog is the ability for readers to leave comments. If your readers are leaving useful comments, don’t ignore them, comment back and encourage interaction.

This will bring readers back to your blog to see how you are responding to their thoughts.

3. Interact with other Bloggers

By commenting on other blogs you will in turn leave a link back to your own blog. Write quality comments or feedback on blog posts by other bloggers in your niche, this will encourage blog readers to follow the link to your blog.

4. Submit your Blog to Blog Directories

Some Internet directories specialise in Blogs only. Submit your blog to as many of these directories as you can, they can drive traffic and provide inbound links which will aid your SEO efforts.

5. Submit your RSS Feed to RSS Directories

Your blog will come with an RSS Feed. There are directories specifically for RSS feeds. Simply add your feed to these directories for the same benefits as blog directories.

6. Allow Readers to Opt-In to Your Email List

You should be looking to build a list of names and e-mail addresses of your readers.

To do this simply give away a free report, video or guide on your blog in exchange for a prospect’s e-mail address.

You can try and upsell them a product or add affiliate links to the free product to help you make money online and then notify your subscribers via email when your blog is updated for an instant traffic source.

7. Bookmark Your Posts on Social Bookmarking Websites

You should enable your readers to bookmark your blog posts on various social bookmarking websites.

This will give you extra exposure to the traffic that is generated on each particular bookmarking website as well as a valuable link back to your website for SEO purposes.

8. Guest Blog on Other Websites

While your personal blog may not be receiving a great deal of traffic yet, it’s highly likely that there are other blogs in your niche that are.

If you write well and know your topic you should consider contacting the owner of a high traffic blog in your niche and ask them if you can guest blog on their website.

If you can demonstrate an ability to write quality, informative blog posts there are many webmasters who will take you up on the offer.

9. Consider Using Video Posts

Blogs posts don’t always have to be dominated by pages and pages of writing – adding video is one way to keep your visitors interested.

You should consider hosting your videos on various video hosting websites such as Youtube or Vimeo. This enables you to not only save on your hosting space but also take some of the traffic that these sites are already attracting.

10. Analyse Your Visitors

Finally, use a web statistics tool such as Google Analytics to see where your viewers are coming from. If certain marketing avenues are bringing you more visitors than others, focus on these avenues to maximise your marketing potential.