The Most Innovative Website of The Year is HERE

I spent Friday and Saturday in Manchester at Lee McIntyre’s second workshop, and was lucky to meet many interesting people – I will be saying more in future posts.

Below is a photo me with John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. I met Dave at the last workshop, but this is the first time I’ve met John. He helped me with my first product over two years ago and his promotion gave me a list of 100s of subscribers.
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The Day Disaster Struck!

Normally I would not make this type of post but I know one or two other students have had some tough times too and commented about it. Also Alex Jeffreys advised us to explain our current position on our blogs so that people can follow our progress.

This is not the type of blog post I’d ever planned to make, but so here goes.
(I may still change my mind and remove this post)

Everyone has good and bad days, but Wednesday 29th July was my worst in ten years of running businesses online.
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