I’ve been reviewing what I have done the last 6 months and come to some drastic conclusions.

My most successful ventures online have all been based on traffic first.
ie find places with traffic and place in front of them what they want.
This has worked very well for me since 1999 starting with QXL, eBay, Freeserve Marketplace, Google, and Amazon.

Many people quote this kind of formula:
1) Find a place where there is traffic/potential customers
2) Find out what they want – eg a problem that need a solution
3) Create or source the item they need and put it in front of them

It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t a new idea – you’ve probably read this many times before.

But how many people do this, especially with information products?
Don’t most people create a product, usually an eBook, then try and find ways of getting traffic to the sales page, or email potential affiliates trying to pursuade them to sell it?

This does work if you have a big list or know the right people but if you are starting out, or still one of the smaller marketers then you know how hard it can be.

I’ve done this with several products. The first one went well thanks to some great affiliates, but my second didn’t do so well.

My most successful product so far – Free Backlinks Generator – came about in a different way. I didn’t think of the idea at all. It was suggested in a forum and people liked the idea so I created it. That meant there were already people who wanted it BEFORE I even started it. That is a BIG difference.

I can take this process much further using information I have gathered over the past 6 months.
I now know the most effective ways for me to get traffic.
I have an idea what that traffic wants, based on which items they responded to best.
I have methods for creating products much faster than in the past and I have several twists to the plan that will make it easier to attract JV partners and affiliates.

Do you think this is the right approach?
Are you going to create something you want, or what other people want?

Please post your comments below 🙂

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