I’m posting this as a warning for other marketers (or anyone using Paypal).

My Paypal account has been suspended and this could happen to more or less anyone not just the high profile people already affected  – I don’t have $1000s going into my account each day.

What caused it?

Nobody except Paypal know the details of what triggers an investigation and possible suspension.

I don’t have any open disputes (in fact the history only shows 12 total in 8 years).

I haven’t just withdrawn a lot of money and had a high balance – withdrawing money or having a low balance could be regarded as a risk by Paypal since they are liable for refunds if their is no not sufficent money in your account.


Looking at my account I had no disputes, and the last transaction was a refund via JV Zoo.  This may be a coincidence or it could be a trigger.

The message on my account says

We have recently reviewed your account and have noticed that you are still selling items on your website that violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

We value your custom and ask that you remove all items from your website that violate our Acceptable Use Policy. Until you do so, your account access will be limited. ”

The websites listed are a JV Giveaway site (not mine) and the Warrior Forum.

The Warrior Forum is listed because I have sold WSO via WSO Pro and JV Zoo, and my contact details are not on the WSO pages.

The Giveaway Site is because when I promote events as a contriubtor  and get sell paypal commission payments and it doesnt have your seller’sdetails etc on the site.  This also applies to special offers although you could include your details on the page for those.


Message for JV Giveaway Organisers.

Most events work on a split pay system with some payments going to the organiser and some to contributors.  The problem is when the payment goes to the contributor  the ‘sellers’ details ie the contributor’s are not included.  This breaks paypal rules – most organisers also break the rules by not having their own details on the sites.

My suggestion to all organisers is to set the script so that they get all payments, and then pay contributors at the end of events. Contributors paypal accounts are all at risk otherwise.

I’m not going to post the JV Giveaway listed on my account because this applies to most events, and this is a general warning about JV Giveaways not an attack on one site.



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