I’m posting this as a warning for other marketers (or anyone using Paypal).

My Paypal account has been suspended and this could happen to more or less anyone not just the high profile people already affected  – I don’t have $1000s going into my account each day.

What caused it?

Nobody except Paypal know the details of what triggers an investigation and possible suspension.

I don’t have any open disputes (in fact the history only shows 12 total in 8 years).

I haven’t just withdrawn a lot of money and had a high balance – withdrawing money or having a low balance could be regarded as a risk by Paypal since they are liable for refunds if their is no not sufficent money in your account.


Looking at my account I had no disputes, and the last transaction was a refund via JV Zoo.  This may be a coincidence or it could be a trigger.

The message on my account says

We have recently reviewed your account and have noticed that you are still selling items on your website that violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

We value your custom and ask that you remove all items from your website that violate our Acceptable Use Policy. Until you do so, your account access will be limited. ”

The websites listed are a JV Giveaway site (not mine) and the Warrior Forum.

The Warrior Forum is listed because I have sold WSO via WSO Pro and JV Zoo, and my contact details are not on the WSO pages.

The Giveaway Site is because when I promote events as a contriubtor  and get sell paypal commission payments and it doesnt have your seller’sdetails etc on the site.  This also applies to special offers although you could include your details on the page for those.


Message for JV Giveaway Organisers.

Most events work on a split pay system with some payments going to the organiser and some to contributors.  The problem is when the payment goes to the contributor  the ‘sellers’ details ie the contributor’s are not included.  This breaks paypal rules – most organisers also break the rules by not having their own details on the sites.

My suggestion to all organisers is to set the script so that they get all payments, and then pay contributors at the end of events. Contributors paypal accounts are all at risk otherwise.

I’m not going to post the JV Giveaway listed on my account because this applies to most events, and this is a general warning about JV Giveaways not an attack on one site.



Is Mentoring Beyond Your Reach?

One of the fastest ways to succeed in anything you do is to find someone who has already achieved what you want and copy them, or better still get them to coach or mentor you.

Unfortunately that’s normally beyond a lot of people’s budgets and can cost many $1000s.

The good news for you if you are aiming to build an online business is that for the next 7 days ( starting April 12th 11am EST) you can grab One Month Mentor for just $27.


Not only that but you can also have all my bonuses shown here and ask for an extra bonus .


Just post what you would like in a comment below and I will let you know if I can get it for you.


Thanks for reading


Keith Purkiss


Hook Pigeon Overview And WSOs Promotion Tips


You must have been receiving a ton of emails promoting WSOs, and this week I bet most of them for Chris Munch’s Hook Pigeon.

I had so many ‘pre-launch’ emails about it even though nobody had seen the product.  That’s because it’s live training.

I decided to wait for these reasons

1)  I wanted to see the sales page and also the members area to get an idea of what the product was about.

2) It looked like everyone would be swamped with emails and with WSOPro and the Warrior forum regularly suffering from overload who knew if it would cope?  I didn’t want to send people to a crashed site.  (As it turned out it was overloaded).

I was sure it would be good as I’ve bought many of Chris’s products before and always read his emails, but it’s always best to check things out as carefully as you can before promoting.


My tips are

1) Test  the product

A couple of products I’ve spent over a week testing before mentioning as they take that long to get results.  Some of the backlinks ones take even longer so those come down to judgement or existing knowledge that the methods will work.

Software can be harder to check  – I tested a piece of software and it worked for me but some customers still had difficulties.

2) Check Support

Watch the threads for issues, and make sure the product owners is addressing them.

3) Offer a bonus

4) Post a review

Review the product on your blog and email out a link to it.


Overview Of Hook Pigeon – Stop Fighting Google!

First of all a reminder that this is a live training program that begins on 5th March.

Nobody has seen the content yet, so this is not a full product review.

The course will cover attracting traffic by giving Google what it wants instead of fighting for rankings. Chris will show his using white hat methods that he uses to get floods of traffic.  He explains that you will not instantly get the same results yourself from his methods – you have to put in the work and build up.

You’ll be releasing small pieces of viral content that gain you traffic and natural backlinks using press releases, facebook, twitter etc.

The course is covered by a 30 day guarantee, so I think it’s got to be worth a look.




Yes, I am including a bonus if you do decide to invest via my link 🙂

Just reply to any of my emails with your receipt and I’ll send you an exclusive invitation to a live webinar which will be held after Chris’s training where I’ll help you out with any aspect of the course.


1000 Subscribers In 24 Hours Challenge

I’ve  two questions for all my readers today:)

1) What’s the most subscribers you’ve added to your list in a day?

2) What’s the biggest number of subscribers you think you can add in a day?

The most I’ve previously is about 400, the most I think I can add is over 1000.

But if you don’t set a target how are you going to reach it?

I could have just drifted along getting a few subscribers a day but then I will never reach my target for the month, or year.

That’s why I’ve set myself a challenge of adding 1000 subscribers in 24 hours, and today is the day I’ve chosen.

So set yourself a target and go for it.

If you have no list  I challenge you to build a list of 100 in a month.

If you have a small list  try adding 50 more in a day, or at least double the amount you have ever added.

Set an appropriate target but don’t make it easy.

How Can I help You?

If you are interested in knowing what methods I am using to build my list, just post a comment below and if enough people are interested I will do a follow up post or a report explaining what I did…


6am EST, 1pm UK – added 283 subscribers today so far. (I’ll be using aweber time to count the 24 hours and taking a screen shot of the total subs added at the end)

3pm EST , 8pm  UK – added 631 subscribers

Final update

I didn’t quite make it but added 918 subscribers which is not bad, and am now past 35,000




Seven Links Challenge And December Newsletter


The Seven Links Challenge

Have you heard about the 7 Links Challenge?


I was nominated by Randy Smith  together with 4 other victims bloggers:

Mandy Allen

Dan Sumner

Dawn Kay

Igor Griffiths


Randy was nominated by Kathy Dobson, Kathy was nominated by Barry Wells, who was nominated by Adrienne Smith etc
You can read all about it in this post where the rules are explained :)

I need to publish links to 7 posts on my blog, one for  each of these categories:

– Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

And then nominate 5 more bloggers to take part.

Most Beautiful:

I don’t have any posts that would fit into this catagory, but here’s one about the ‘beauty’ of Internet Marketing – that is you can earn an income and in this case win a prize while you are on holiday:



Most Popular:


It seems like simple tools like my edu link finder appeal a lot to people and this post has 27 comments at the moment.


Most Controversial:

This post was meant to be a place for subscribers to discuss queries they had with an event I promoted but some people seems to have been ‘sent’ to the thread to make negative comments without reading it.  I think the thread speaks for itself.


Most Helpful:

I’m going to pick this one because it encourages people to create their own products and reminds them that even if they only do a few  minutes work per day they will get there in the end.



Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

This post about spammy emails got 33 comments which was well above my average :



Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved:

This post contained a summary was working for me at the time, and anyone could take the information in the post and succeed online.

It only got ten comments though so maybe it’s worth another mention.



Post I’m Most Proud Of:

Another difficult choice, I decided on this one because I spent a year working every day on the product mentioned in this post.




Five Nominees:

I’ve chosen John Thornhill’s  Partnership to Success Students:

Kerry Russell

James Hughes

Dave Whitworth

Lisa Hernandez

Chris Shaw

Steve Reh

Jennifer Taylor

I’ve included extra in case anyone has already been listed 🙂


The Last Newsletter Of 2011

Download December 2011 Newsletter

(direct download – no optin required)

Review inside of Owl Pigeon  (Simple traffic method)



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