Following the success of my last JV Giveaway (The Original Products Giveaway eBook Special) which had over 1500 signups I’m going straight into my next event, which looks like being much bigger.

If you’re not already signed up here’s the link (There over $1200 of cash prizes)

This time I’ve increased the prizes, and got top quality graphics from GFX1.   The last event I got them from which isn’t really good enough.


I’m going to continue running  JV Giveaways and starting to run Mini-Giveaways which help everyone build their lists.

If you’re looking to do the same here’s a few tips

Before you start build relationships with other marketers.

Help them out – offer to do things for them free, promote their products, and take part in their events.

If you don’t do that why would they help you?  A lot of people just set up an event before anyone really knows who they are – that isn’t likely to work.

Join skype rooms and facebook group and take part in giveaways and mini-giveaways.

If you’re in mini giveaway events try to stand out – make sure you reach the minimum number of clicks required and preferably over-deliver.  Then people will want to work with you.  If you under deliver they will most likely avoid you.

If you do adswaps or sell solo ads make sure you over-deliver in those too.

Then when you do run an event you’ll be surprised how well it goes.   I expected to get 300 or 400 average signups that most  giveaways get nowadays but got 1500.

Last of all if you offer cash prizes make sure you pay them out on time, for my last event mine were paid out within 24 hours.   That definately makes people want to be in your next event.

Good luck with your marketing…



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