There was a lot of talk last year about how 2011 was going to be the year of ethical marketing?

Whatever happened to that – have you seen any changes?

I joined a JV Giveaway  Event yesterday called ‘Everyone Will Win’ based on the fact that it was recommended to me by another marketer and had the photos of a lot of big name  marketers on the signup page who it said were taking part.

But I just spoke to one of the people listed and he knew nothing about it.

Creating a fake list of people to attract signups is not really the best way to run an event or to establish yourself as a marketer.

I have joined hundred of Giveaway events and have never come across this before.  Maybe it happens and nobody notices?


I am adding to the post to clarify what happened.

I promoted the event and some of my subscribers were unhappy about how the event was setup as you can see in the comments below this post.

I lodged a support ticket which was not answered.

I made this post and emailed my list explaining how I see the situation, because I made a mistake
promoting this event to them. I intended this to protect my subscribers, not to attack anyone –
I did not mention any names because for all I knew the names listed might not be involved at all.
I apologize to any genuine marketer who is involved with the event if they were offended by my post.

I have now found out from the comments below that a mistake was made with one of the names – Rich Shefren.
Some people are only donating prizes, not actually taking part which what was implied in the original sales letter.

This was the original list:

Bob Yeager
Ian Del Carmen
Mark Hendricks
Kristi Sayles
Gary Bacchetti
Rich Shefren
Shahar Boyayon
Tracy Repchuk
Art Rodgers
Willie Crawford
Mike Glaspie
David Jackson
Lee Benson
John Thornhill
Steve Yakim
Jimmy D. Brown
Jane Mark
Peter Downs

The inclusion of Rich Shefren in the list made me think this was a massive event because I have never seen such a big name in one of these events before. I promoted to a much bigger section of my lists than I normally send Giveaway events too. Some people just didn’t believe he was in it and have told me so. I don’t know how many unsubcribes I had because of this.

Anyone can make a mistake or several mistakes, I know I have made a lot, so it is up to everyone to decide if they would like to join the event now or not.

Mistakes were made in this event, which has caused trouble for other people including myself, but it’s time to move on now and hope this doesn’t happen again. I will look at every future event carefully and judge it on it’s own merits before promoting it.

I am approving everyone’s comments and you can decide for yourself if I should have made this post.


How Do You Find Ethical Marketers?

All I can say is be careful who you trust.

In my newsletter I choose one marketer each month who I know to be a good marketer so have a look at the back issues.  I also have links in my blogroll to the marketers I follow myself.


In my first Newsletter I reviewed Randy Smith’s blog
– he has a great idea for getting traffic to your own blog:

He’s running a competiton and as a prize you can win a Camtasia or Snagit licence.
All you have to do is send him traffic. Could you do something similar?

Have a look here:

Outside The Box Traffic

I wouldn’t mind winning myself as I only have a very old version – Camtasia 3  – which is

My Favourite Freebie I Got From Randy Smith!

(from an email he sent out  about 4 years ago.)

I’ve been using this to compress my videos and upload them to youtube which saves masses of upload time.

About time I upgraded though!

Until next time,




Disclosure: This blog post is my entry into the competition, and if you do click the links to Randy’s blog it increases my chances of winning 🙂




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