Things got a bit hectic in early July trying to get everything finished in time to go away for a week touring Ireland.
I had to try and make sure our staff could run our printing business by themselves while we were away so produced new prices lists etc.
I also took a laptop so I could keep in touch each day.

I got a bit behind with my online marketing and didn’t promote Your Internet Buddies ‘Blueprint Coaching Program’ when I originally intended too. I’m in their Platinum Coaching Group so know their content is good.

I received an email showing the pre-launch JV table showing me in 12th place. But I hadnt done anything! Affiliate marketing isn’t as hard as I’d thought 😉

This must be because I had a lot of subscribers optin to their list which are then tagged as mine. So when any emails go to these subscribers they count as being from me.

So I’d got 12th place by doing nothing 🙂

That made me think if I actually did something I was in with a good chance of a prize (which go to the top ten).

I’d dropped to 18th the next day, but then I sent my first email out and jumped back to 12th.
I sent another email while on holiday and I made it to 9th and won a Flip HD 🙂
My first prize in a major IM competition…

Next came the actual launch. I knew this was going to be harder.
Once or twice I’ve managed to get into the top ten in the first few days, then some of the big players sent out emails and knocked me out 🙁

The first day I got 12th place again without doing anything – that was from people tagged as mine buying the product.
I sent out a couple of emails and just made it. Equal 9th place on the final day and have won either an Ipod or a video camera.

Two prizes in two weeks, and I’ve gained some credibility as I ended up above some well-known marketers.

It isn’t as hard as it seems when you first set out…

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