Have you ever wanted to have your own profitable membership sites?  They really are one of the best ways to make a living online.   The monthly recuring membership fees (even if they are only $4.95 per month) soon start to add up.

One of my sites has 28,005 members and growing all the time. (They aren’t all paid members but you can see the potential)

Maybe you have tried before and got stuck?

That’s why I’m offering to help setup your site with you.  I’ll discuss all the details with you for a total of up to 2 hours on skype as well as reviewing your site once you’ve finished.

I’ll also promote your site (providing it is good quality and in the internet marketing niche) and mention it to my colleagues.  If it is good (and I’ll make sure it is) some of them are very likely to promote it as well because it’s not always easy to find great products to promote.

So how do you qualify?

Well you only need to invest in this membership site setup guide by John Racine via my link below and send me your receipt to

keith @ keithpurkiss.com

Once you’ve done that we can start planning your site.

But hurry this offer is valid until 2pm EDT Tuesday 3rd June.

Good luck!







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