Two of the biggest considerations you have when starting an eBay business is what you should sell, and where you can find it.  The trouble is, it can be hard to find consistent sources of products on an ongoing basis.  Many eBay business owners spend hours and hours searching garage sales only to find three or four profitable items.  This article is going to reveal how you can find the entire product you need to run a successful and profitable business.

Before we go into the details of where to find products to sell on eBay, let’s define what qualities a good product would possess.  It needs to be reliably available at a realistic price, it should have enough people interested in it to make it viable, and it needs to go well with other products (for backend sales).

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the places you can find products.

Wholesalers–  By contacting various wholesalers you can easily negotiate very favorable pricing by buying in quantity.  You can get whole pallet loads of goods that can be resold for large profits.  This is a great way to go if you have a few thousand dollars to invest.  By buying hot items in bulk, you can quickly realize large profits.  This is a good way to go for those with a little know how and enough finance.

Trade shows–  Find a trade show related to the market you want to sell to.  Trade shows can be a fantastic place to find new and innovative products.  Many of the smaller companies at trade shows are looking for distributors.  They will be very open to negotiation when it comes to price per unit.

Importing–  This is the most challenging and the most profitable way to source eBay products.  By importing goods directly from other countries, you bypass all middlemen.  This means siginficantly increased profit margins for you.  While importing will be more work initially, it’s worth it for the payoffs that can be had.  Be sure to read up on the finer points of importing before trying this yourself.  Importing also requires the most capital because of the volume you must buy in.  If you are good in business and have a good sense of the market, you can make a lot of money by importing.

The product sourcing strategies outlined in this article all have the power to produce an ongoing supply of profitable products to sell on eBay.  More information is available in ebooks such as ‘Sourcing Secrets Revealed’.

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