How To Get to The Next Level (Part 1)

A lot of people think they can start an online business today and be a millionaire tomorrow.

Reality is not like that. There is no magic button.

You have to build a business step by step. It takes work and focus.

You make $1, then $10, then $100 and so on.

I started with a clickbank product that built my first list of 1000ish and had a few $1000 of sales spread over a couple of years. It’s a good way to start but you need some good affiliates.

Make a plan. Break it down into managable segments and decide what you will do when and then stick to it.
I prefer to do something every day on my current plan however small. Do this and you will reach your target.

If you can’t get them I build a list using JV Giveaways and then follow with adswaps.
Just have affiliate banners on your thank you pages, downoad pages, and in your email signature.
That’s where most of my current sales come from.

I’m currently (August 2010) have sales of 4 figure sales per month and am adding 1000+ subscribers per month (now reached 11,200).
Notice I have 4 figure ‘sales’, not I ‘make’ 4 figures – you have to allow for expenses – most product sales letters do not do this and so are misleading. Anyone can get sales of $10,000 per month by spending $20,000.

What will I do to get to the next level?

I’m building a new membership site with tools to automate an online business. I’m developing them and
using them myself as I go along.

The basic level will be free with various paid higher levels.

One change I am making is to set higher targets.
I used to set fairly easy to reach targets because I prefered of the positive effect of reaching them compared to the negative effect of falling short.
Now I am changing to set a high target and a minimum target.
This is so I battle to reach those targets and ultimately achieve more even if I fall a little short of them.

So here are my new targets

3 Months
List Size: High target 20,000, Min Target 17,000
Sales: High target $5,000/month Min Target $2,500/month

5 Months (end of 2010)
List Size: High target 26,000, Min Target 21,000
Sales : High target $10,000/month Min Target $5,000/month

I’m going to keep this post sticky and add to it showing my progress getting to 5 figures per month….

(This post is part of the 100 blog comment challenge


It’s been a lot of work but the site I mentioned in this post has now launched

It’s to make joining Giveways as easy as possible.
I already have 165 members after just over a week 🙂

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