Here are two of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to build an online business, and how to avoid making them yourself.

Not having a plan or Managing Your Time

I used to ignore time management methods, but now, I realise it is one of the keys.
Most people never take any action other than reading emails and talking on skype.

You must manage your time well and focus on taking action on a viable plan.

I have one very simple tactic – I do something every day without fail.
I’m on day 134 of Push Button Giveaways now, and even if it’s only a 10 minute change I still do something.

For instance yesterday on PBG I only linked in my done for you gift/text ads/special offers section to the main menu, and followed up on the clickbank version (answered another question from clickbank).

It keeps the momentum going and even though in I haven’t really done much the last couple of weeks, with having to get our accounts sorted, paperwork for the new house etc, the 10 minutes or more soon add up.
If I missed day, it would then be easy to miss another and another.

Try this for yourself – it Works!

Buying Everything In Sight

Most people keep buying product after product and never getting anywhere.

It seems like most products recently seem to over-hyped up and deliver nothing.

You really don’t need much to build a business:
1) An autoresponder
2) A domain name
3) Webhosting
4) A plan.
I’d throw in some mentoring as soon as you can afford it.

You definately do not need to keep buying product after product that offers a quick and easy solution.

Are There Any Products worth Buying?

As I said a lot of recent launches seem to be all about the sales letter and very little effort has gone into the product? Loads of promises and not much delivered?

It’s been hard to find anything worth recommending at all.

If you buy products and don’t do anything with them there is clearly no point anyway.

My advice is be very careful what you buy and if you buy a product don’t ever buy anything else until you have made use of it. Otherwise the cycle continues and you will never get anywhere.

I have finally managed to find two good products that launch in the next week.
One on Monday, and the other on Tuesday (yes you wait ages and then two come along at once).

I’m not going to say what they are yet, but they are both products create by marketers that I have met and I know they only produce top quality items.
My reviews will appear on the days they launch so watch this space.

They’ll also be a special bonus that I’ve never given before.

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