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I use several tools to analysis my sites.

One of the best ones is the Quirk addon for Firefox, available here:

Quirk will appear as a Q at the bottom of your screen.

If you right click on it you will be given a range of options.

Show Keyword Density allows you to enter a keyword and have the page analysed. It will highlight any occurrences of that keyword and give you a set of statistics.

If you look at the top few pages in the search results for your keyword and check there figures you will see if there are any improvements you can do.

If you select backlinks>domain external>yahoo site explorer you will get a list of backlinks.

You can go directly to yahoo site explorer but Quirk is handy because of the other features it has eg it displays Page Rank, Alexa rank and mozRank.

I record my total ‘inlinks’ show at the top of the screen to see how they grow over time. You can flip through them to see where you are getting links form, and more importantly you can do the same for your competitors’ sites to see if you can obtain any of their’s.

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