Have Giveaways Passed Their Sell By Date?

I’m sure anyone involved in building their list using JV Giveaways will have noticed there are probably more events running now than ever before.

I have one myself at the moment with Chris Shaw – The Cyber Monday Giveaway which is open to members now:


The downside of there being a lot of events is that most people are not going to join them all, and there are really too many to promote.

I’ve found that promoting to get members loses me more subscribers than I get back.

For example I promoted to around 5000 subscribers, got 7 member signups to an event but had around 20 unsubs, so now I normally promote to contributors, and get only a small number of members into events via my blog and my list of events open to members which I link to in emails.

This is probably the reason why a lot of people don’t promote events – there’s not enough WIIFM.

Competitions can help eg cash prizes, co-hosting a future event, or promotion to the event lists.

In most events a lot of people are not promoting at all though, even those with fairly
big lists, which is unfair on those with smaller lists who do have signups.

I think a ‘pay or promote’ policy which some people use may be the way to go  ie contributors have to pay for an upgrade, or promote – if they are
free and dont get signups then they will be downgraded.

Does anyone have any other ideas and how to boost Giveaway Events?



The Value Of IMTrustworthy

Anyone can setup a website, and many give you no idea who is running it, so how can you tell if it is genuine?

One way to gain credibility and insure people know who owns a site is to use a seal from IM Trustworthy – I’ve just added on to the top right of my blog.  I’m going to add these to my other sites as well, and people will be able to see other marketers comments about me (only one at the time of writing but I hope to have more soon).

This is my profile – I think only members can view it, but it’s free to join:





The November newsletter is ready – as usually it is direct download no optin required:

The product review is of a new eBay report by James Hughes and John Thornhill  Automatic Auction Traffic which is well worth a look as it containes some brand new tactics for using eBay traffic.

 November 2011
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