I’d like to thank everyone whose installed or promoted the Free Backlinks Generator here are some of the people who have installed the script on their sites


Here’s some of the ones I’ve found so far:

Randy Smith
I’ve known Randy for years and met him 5 times this year at various seminars.

Matt Garrett
Matt is the founder of IMAdswaps which I have used to arrange many adswaps and I’ve met him at a couple of seminars.

PJ is one of my partners in Website Wealth Wizards

Jinger Jarrett

The Swede

John Leigh

The following are students of Alex Jeffreys

Rod MacBeth

Lee Parry


Here are some of the people who have promoted the product

Randy Smith
(You know who he is already)

Colin Southgate

All the people below promoted in the form of an Adswap
Fellow Alex Jeffrey’s Students:

Marcus Passey
Alan Petersen
Paul Wilson
Tommy McLaughlin
Gary Simpson
Matt Wolfe
Andy Michaels
Paul Hooper
Mark Terrell
David Walker
Joe Fier
Richard Hill

People From IMAdSwaps
Rafiq Ahmed
Charles Mutrie
Alan Tedders
Phil Morgan
Jorge Delgado
Brad Spencer
Rick Faulise

If anyone would like to do an adswap with me please post a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP

Here is a graph of my traffic for Free Backlinks Generator – Adswaps show up as spikes on the graph.


Why Did I Join David Walkers Coaching?

If you haven’t already joined David’s coaching there’s still time to take part in 3 of the webinars so go here quick:

I had several reasons for taking part.

First of all David is a fellow student of Alex Jeffreys and we all try to support each other if possible.

Secondly David is an experience marketer and I noticed he ranked fairly high for my name and also for his (David Walker is a very competitive term)

and I wanted to know more about how he did it.

Thirdly – It’s FREE so why not?

If you haven’t already been on a coaching course then you should definitely take part as David is giving away great content and you aren’t likely to get this again for nothing.

If you have already done some coaching you should still join because David’s has his own content so you will discover new ideas to help with your business.

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