I’m not sure where the time has gone – it’s been 3 months since my last post.

I’ve now been married for two months…

But back to IM and the question in the title – do JV Giveaways still work.

Most events are now quite small. However I join them all quickly using Push Button Giveaways and buy the upgrade in most events. This allows me to add multiple gifts quickly and I add a mixture from my main list of around 15.

I’ve just checked my stats and just one of my gifts has added over 1,000 subscribers to my list just from Giveaways
in the past year.  A few from each event soon adds up.

And I have other gifts building lists, and also gain subscribers from Text Adverts and Special Offers,  they definately do work, but you have to put in some effort and keep at it  (most people forget to tell you about the work you need to put in).

Because I’ve been getting some good results I decide to run another event myself with Randy Smith.

If you haven’t already joined you can signup here and join the hundred other people building their lists for free:



Would you like to run your own event?

I’m considering hosting a limited number of JV Giveaway events on behalf of clients on my server similar to the event above (so sign up and have a good look at that one) .   I’ll set these up and help with any issues, and  I will add it to Push Button Giveaways and that guarantees you some JV partners.

Co-Host an event with me?

This isn’t going to be for a little while as I have some details to work out but this will be a bigger event.  There will be four co-hosts who will get all the JVs and Members added to their list.   This will be a much larger investment than the running your own event option as the payments from partners will go towards a big prize fund to attract promoters.





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