I have to admit that at first JV Giveaways and Adswaps didn’t really appeal to me.
The thing is a lot of Giveaways I’d looked at are full of old PLR packages that have been around for years and I didn’t see the point in filling up my hard disk with junk.

However I know people who have had succes with them, so decided to give them a change and I have now been doing them a several months. I mainly use my own original product and it does produce results.

I decided to test Giveaways in another niche and see what happened, here are my stats:

Weight Loss Niche Stats

As you can see the Giveaway brought in 200 visitors in a week, compare to 19 in Ezinearticles during nearly 3 months.
A big difference in the quality can be seen by the bounce rate:
Nearly 80% form EA meaning only 4 people stayed long and only 2 opted in.
In contract less than 30% bounced form the Giveaway and I got 90 optins.
This is because traffic from a Giveaway has already seen your product image, title and description so are much more targetted.

The value of them as future customers is a different matter, but if you aren’t already doing Giveaways these figures should make you want to at least give them serious consideration.

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