This post is part of Alex Jeffreys Coaching Course the idea was started by Gary Simpson (see his post below – warning watch out for his scary photo! )

25 things about myself – very hard to think of so I’m going to copy other peoples ideas.

1) This is a list of all the jobs I have had since I left school:
One year as a temporary assistant chemist.

Sorry it’s not very interesting but that’s it – I started a business during that year and I’ve been self employed ever since.

2) I studied at Durham University for a Physics and Maths Joint Honours Degree

3) I left No.2 after 4 months to go become full time in my mail order business.

4) I was a free lance machine code programmer and some of my games are listed online -I’ve no idea why people spend their time creating sites lie these:

5) I own a printing company

6) I won a business award run by the Daily Express in 1981 (and had my photo on the front page) and would have been on national TV, but the Falklands War started the same time.

7) The town I live in (Whitehaven) was the last place in the UK to be invaded (by the US Navy)

8 ) I have a sister who lives in New Zealand

9) My Mother is also an eBay seller (She sells plants)

10) I learnt to sail when I was 12

11) I was equal top in my schools for A’ Level results and won a cash prize

12) My school had no computers until I ran a campaign and raised funds to get one.

13) When I was young I used to do magic tricks

14) I used to do A’ Level maths exams as a hobby (when I was in the 6th form)
You should try it, it’s great fun!

15) My first business was designing, building, and selling electronic add-ons for computers such as the ZX81

16) My First computer was an Ohio Superboard II
It had no case, only 2k of memory, used a TV as a monitor and a cassette player for storing data.

17) I only passed my driving test 2 years ago

18) I take on all sorts of DIY jobs, my biggest was putting a new roof on our garage.

19) My drawing of our cat was published in the Beano when I was about 8 or 9 and I won 50 pence!

20) I was a member of young enterprise for 2 years.

25) My maths aren’t as good as they used to be!

As there aren’t many students left to tag, and I don’t know who has been and who hasn’t can I change the rules?

I’d like to tag Gary so he has to think of another 25 things (well he did start this)
And take it outside the student group and spread it across the web so I’ve tagged another 5 people from my blog commentators list:

Carol Smith
Randy Smith
John Reed
Robin Skeen

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