{ Updated 9th Nov} – NB The original Bonuses have now all gone and a different one is now on offer

I made a crazy offer to my subscribers a few days ago – co-host your own JV Giveaway for under $5.   Most JV Giveaway Events get at least a few hundred subscribers – has to be worth a lot more than $5!


Needless to say people grabbed this offer fast and the 50 I offered are nearly gone already.

I set this up as a special bonus for John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions  –  incredible value at just $4.95 for a comprehensive traffic course!

I didnt want to just offer a ton of digital downloads – I want to give something unique and useful, like getting you a list of hundreds of subscribers for free, and severla other JV Giveaway related bonuses.

This is a win-win offer.  You build a list, and I get on John’s leaderboard 🙂

The bonus is delivered mainly through a secret Facebook group and this is a great chance to network with other marketers and build relationships for the future.

I have to put a lot of work into setting up all the events so this does have to be limited – the only way I could offer more is if some remain unclaimed.

Don’t miss out.

Here’s the bonus page again:

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