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Simple Traffic Solutions Bonus

{ Updated 9th Nov} – NB The original Bonuses have now all gone and a different one is now on offer

I made a crazy offer to my subscribers a few days ago – co-host your own JV Giveaway for under $5.   Most JV Giveaway Events get at least a few hundred subscribers – has to be worth a lot more than $5!


Needless to say people grabbed this offer fast and the 50 I offered are nearly gone already.

I set this up as a special bonus for John Thornhill’s Simple Traffic Solutions  –  incredible value at just $4.95 for a comprehensive traffic course!

I didnt want to just offer a ton of digital downloads – I want to give something unique and useful, like getting you a list of hundreds of subscribers for free, and severla other JV Giveaway related bonuses.

This is a win-win offer.  You build a list, and I get on John’s leaderboard 🙂

The bonus is delivered mainly through a secret Facebook group and this is a great chance to network with other marketers and build relationships for the future.

I have to put a lot of work into setting up all the events so this does have to be limited – the only way I could offer more is if some remain unclaimed.

Don’t miss out.

Here’s the bonus page again:

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New JV Giveaways

Following the success of my last JV Giveaway (The Original Products Giveaway eBook Special) which had over 1500 signups I’m going straight into my next event, which looks like being much bigger.

If you’re not already signed up here’s the link (There over $1200 of cash prizes)


This time I’ve increased the prizes, and got top quality graphics from GFX1.   The last event I got them from Fiverr.com which isn’t really good enough.


I’m going to continue running  JV Giveaways and starting to run Mini-Giveaways which help everyone build their lists.

If you’re looking to do the same here’s a few tips

Before you start build relationships with other marketers.

Help them out – offer to do things for them free, promote their products, and take part in their events.

If you don’t do that why would they help you?  A lot of people just set up an event before anyone really knows who they are – that isn’t likely to work.

Join skype rooms and facebook group and take part in giveaways and mini-giveaways.

If you’re in mini giveaway events try to stand out – make sure you reach the minimum number of clicks required and preferably over-deliver.  Then people will want to work with you.  If you under deliver they will most likely avoid you.

If you do adswaps or sell solo ads make sure you over-deliver in those too.

Then when you do run an event you’ll be surprised how well it goes.   I expected to get 300 or 400 average signups that most  giveaways get nowadays but got 1500.

Last of all if you offer cash prizes make sure you pay them out on time, for my last event mine were paid out within 24 hours.   That definately makes people want to be in your next event.

Good luck with your marketing…



I’m posting this as a warning for other marketers (or anyone using Paypal).

My Paypal account has been suspended and this could happen to more or less anyone not just the high profile people already affected  – I don’t have $1000s going into my account each day.

What caused it?

Nobody except Paypal know the details of what triggers an investigation and possible suspension.

I don’t have any open disputes (in fact the history only shows 12 total in 8 years).

I haven’t just withdrawn a lot of money and had a high balance – withdrawing money or having a low balance could be regarded as a risk by Paypal since they are liable for refunds if their is no not sufficent money in your account.


Looking at my account I had no disputes, and the last transaction was a refund via JV Zoo.  This may be a coincidence or it could be a trigger.

The message on my account says

We have recently reviewed your account and have noticed that you are still selling items on your website that violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

We value your custom and ask that you remove all items from your website that violate our Acceptable Use Policy. Until you do so, your account access will be limited. ”

The websites listed are a JV Giveaway site (not mine) and the Warrior Forum.

The Warrior Forum is listed because I have sold WSO via WSO Pro and JV Zoo, and my contact details are not on the WSO pages.

The Giveaway Site is because when I promote events as a contriubtor  and get sell paypal commission payments and it doesnt have your seller’sdetails etc on the site.  This also applies to special offers although you could include your details on the page for those.


Message for JV Giveaway Organisers.

Most events work on a split pay system with some payments going to the organiser and some to contributors.  The problem is when the payment goes to the contributor  the ‘sellers’ details ie the contributor’s are not included.  This breaks paypal rules – most organisers also break the rules by not having their own details on the sites.

My suggestion to all organisers is to set the script so that they get all payments, and then pay contributors at the end of events. Contributors paypal accounts are all at risk otherwise.

I’m not going to post the JV Giveaway listed on my account because this applies to most events, and this is a general warning about JV Giveaways not an attack on one site.



Product Review Of Auto Cash Funnel

Product Review Of Auto Cash Funnel

How many systems have you bought that give you a members area full of audios, videos and PDFs that take you weeks to go through and you end up getting nowhere?

I don’t know about you but it’s happened to me several times. Of course Product creators want to over-deliver, but sometimes it just gives people information overload, and then they never get started.

Isn’t what we really need something clear and fast? Something you can watch in an hour and then implement, not some time in the future – next week, next month, or usually never!

Well here’s the answer.
Paul Teague and Chris Freville have created Auto Cash Funnel with you in mind!
There’s an introductory PDF and a quick-start video that is 57 minutes long.
Paul has simplified the process down to a point where anyone (even a complete beginner) can take action and have it do in under an hour.
Yes – from getting the product to putting it into use only takes 2 hours total (that’s including watching the video).
I seriously advice anyone getting this product to make sure they take action the day they get it. Don’t put it off.

There’s no FTP or HTML required, so if that kind of techy stuff has held you back in the past then don’t worry, this one is for you! You can do this, and it will work.
I’ve been using the basic methods laid out in the course for some time and my list grows every day as a direct result.

Of course if you’re more experienced you can do this much faster – less than half an hour really would have you on your way.
That means you can go on to the more detailed parts of the course that can really make a difference to your business.

Because I know this works well, I’ve decided to give a special bonus for anyone who decides to purchase through my affiliate link.

I’ll upgrade you to the next level in my site Push Button Giveaways.

The tools in Push Button Giveaways are the ideal compliment to the Auto Cash Funnel system and will allow you to work much faster and give you a real edge for your business.

If you join now as a free member or are already one you become Gold.
If you’re Gold you become Platinum. This allows you to sell unlimited Silver Memberships and keep ALL the money!
This is a hot selling targeted offer to put in Giveaways.

And here’s the big one – if you’re platinum you become Elite – This is a level that isnt even on sale anywhere yet!

Of course you can join now and upgrade, then get another boost up using the bonus!

I have to limit this to the first ten buyers only, so once the’re gone that’s it.

Auto Cash Funnel

To claim Your Bonus:

1)Purchase ACF Here
Auto Cash Funnel

2) Forward your receipt to keithpurkiss(at)gmail.com
with the subject line ACF BONUS

Here are two of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to build an online business, and how to avoid making them yourself.

Not having a plan or Managing Your Time

I used to ignore time management methods, but now, I realise it is one of the keys.
Most people never take any action other than reading emails and talking on skype.

You must manage your time well and focus on taking action on a viable plan.

I have one very simple tactic – I do something every day without fail.
I’m on day 134 of Push Button Giveaways now, and even if it’s only a 10 minute change I still do something.

For instance yesterday on PBG I only linked in my done for you gift/text ads/special offers section to the main menu, and followed up on the clickbank version (answered another question from clickbank).

It keeps the momentum going and even though in I haven’t really done much the last couple of weeks, with having to get our accounts sorted, paperwork for the new house etc, the 10 minutes or more soon add up.
If I missed day, it would then be easy to miss another and another.

Try this for yourself – it Works!

Buying Everything In Sight

Most people keep buying product after product and never getting anywhere.

It seems like most products recently seem to over-hyped up and deliver nothing.

You really don’t need much to build a business:
1) An autoresponder
2) A domain name
3) Webhosting
4) A plan.
I’d throw in some mentoring as soon as you can afford it.

You definately do not need to keep buying product after product that offers a quick and easy solution.

Are There Any Products worth Buying?

As I said a lot of recent launches seem to be all about the sales letter and very little effort has gone into the product? Loads of promises and not much delivered?

It’s been hard to find anything worth recommending at all.

If you buy products and don’t do anything with them there is clearly no point anyway.

My advice is be very careful what you buy and if you buy a product don’t ever buy anything else until you have made use of it. Otherwise the cycle continues and you will never get anywhere.

I have finally managed to find two good products that launch in the next week.
One on Monday, and the other on Tuesday (yes you wait ages and then two come along at once).

I’m not going to say what they are yet, but they are both products create by marketers that I have met and I know they only produce top quality items.
My reviews will appear on the days they launch so watch this space.

They’ll also be a special bonus that I’ve never given before.