As most people reading this will know I am on Alex Jeffreys coaching course and he had offered a prize of $1000 for the best video.   This is my trial run, I will have to make a lot more before I have one I’d want to enter with.  I’m 99.9999999999999% sure I won’t win it but didn’t somebody say it’s the taking part that counts?

Also I was at Lee McIntyre’s workshop in Manchester on Friday and Saturday and he insisted we all stretch ourselves and move into areas that are uncomfortable for us.

So last night I made my first audio (which is just a test one) with the help of David Chamberlain from the coaching course, and also my first homemade video (actually I made about 10 and believe it or not this is the best one – I’ve destroyed the rest as they were REALLY bad)

My Audio Test
Play the audio here

I searched Google for free skype recording software and used this one:

My Welcome Video

For the video I used a camcorder that outputs MPEG files and YouTube wouldnt upload it.

I used a tool found by Marcus Passey

and converted to MP4. The MP4 file didnt work either, so I used the software again to convert to AVI and finally got it to work.

Now I just have to create one with some useful content.