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Should You Ditch Your Plans And Start Again?

I’ve been reviewing what I have done the last 6 months and come to some drastic conclusions.

My most successful ventures online have all been based on traffic first.
ie find places with traffic and place in front of them what they want.
This has worked very well for me since 1999 starting with QXL, eBay, Freeserve Marketplace, Google, and Amazon.

Many people quote this kind of formula:
1) Find a place where there is traffic/potential customers
2) Find out what they want – eg a problem that need a solution
3) Create or source the item they need and put it in front of them

It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t a new idea – you’ve probably read this many times before.

But how many people do this, especially with information products?
Don’t most people create a product, usually an eBook, then try and find ways of getting traffic to the sales page, or email potential affiliates trying to pursuade them to sell it?
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Alex Jeffreys Coaching Competition

This will be a very quick post as I am going away for the weekend.  I’ve just created this quick video which is my entry to On of Alex Jeffreys Coaching Competitions.  We have to create a video which mentions our name so hopefully I remembered to say mine is Keith Purkiss , website (Mine is Coaching With Keith.com)
and also we had to mention Alex Jeffreys and his website MarketingWithYou.com .

This is only my second video and you will spot a few mistakes and see that I had to read some of it from notes, but come back again soon and see how much I improve!

Speak to you all soon, and if you havent made a video yet make sure you do soon!

I’ve also recorded an interview with copy writing expert Randy Smith and uploaded part 1 to Youtube. Part 2 with be included in my eBay coaching course.

The Day Disaster Struck!

Normally I would not make this type of post but I know one or two other students have had some tough times too and commented about it. Also Alex Jeffreys advised us to explain our current position on our blogs so that people can follow our progress.

This is not the type of blog post I’d ever planned to make, but so here goes.
(I may still change my mind and remove this post)

Everyone has good and bad days, but Wednesday 29th July was my worst in ten years of running businesses online.
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How You can to find products to sell on eBay

Two of the biggest considerations you have when starting an eBay business is what you should sell, and where you can find it.  The trouble is, it can be hard to find consistent sources of products on an ongoing basis.  Many eBay business owners spend hours and hours searching garage sales only to find three or four profitable items.  This article is going to reveal how you can find the entire product you need to run a successful and profitable business.

Before we go into the details of where to find products to sell on eBay, let’s define what qualities a good product would possess.  It needs to be reliably available at a realistic price, it should have enough people interested in it to make it viable, and it needs to go well with other products (for backend sales).

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the places you can find products.

Wholesalers–  By contacting various wholesalers you can easily negotiate very favorable pricing by buying in quantity.  You can get whole pallet loads of goods that can be resold for large profits.  This is a great way to go if you have a few thousand dollars to invest.  By buying hot items in bulk, you can quickly realize large profits.  This is a good way to go for those with a little know how and enough finance.

Trade shows–  Find a trade show related to the market you want to sell to.  Trade shows can be a fantastic place to find new and innovative products.  Many of the smaller companies at trade shows are looking for distributors.  They will be very open to negotiation when it comes to price per unit.

Importing–  This is the most challenging and the most profitable way to source eBay products.  By importing goods directly from other countries, you bypass all middlemen.  This means siginficantly increased profit margins for you.  While importing will be more work initially, it’s worth it for the payoffs that can be had.  Be sure to read up on the finer points of importing before trying this yourself.  Importing also requires the most capital because of the volume you must buy in.  If you are good in business and have a good sense of the market, you can make a lot of money by importing.

The product sourcing strategies outlined in this article all have the power to produce an ongoing supply of profitable products to sell on eBay.  More information is available in ebooks such as ‘Sourcing Secrets Revealed’.

If you build a large amount of positive customer feedback it will increase your stature in the marketplace ( I should know I have over 31,000 on my main account!).

Feedback shows buyers what others who have done business with you thought about you and your service.  If you get even a few negative feedback ratings it can be very bad for business.
This article is going to show you how to build up a large amount of great feedback in the shortest time.
I have tested the following method this recently with my own personal account.

1.    After you’ve registered an account with eBay and paypal your ready to start building feedback.  First off, you can purchase a few inexpensive items and get your first few feedbacks from sellers.  I looked for some cheap music CD’s and only paid a few dollars each. That got me about 10 feedbacks without selling anything.

2.    Next, find a very low-ticket priced item that’s small and light.  Cheap $1 jewelry, sunglasses, playing cards, etc.
You could re-sell some of the items you bought – if you buy carefully you can make a profit.

3.    Launch a lot of these as low-ticket auctions with no reserve.  You just want to sell as many items as you can in the shortest amount of time.  This is why I’ve selected a low price point item.  You can sell massive amounts of small items regardless of how much feedback you have.  Bigger, more expensive products usually require more feedback to gain an eBay buyer’s trust.

4.    When you ship out peoples’ goods, include a printed letter thanking them for their order and politely asking for feedback.  Tell them that you have already left them positive feedback on their eBay account, and if they were happy with your service, you would appreciate the same.  I find about 20% of customers never take the time to leave feedback, either negative or positive.  The quick personalized note will help.  If they are politely asked, most people are happy to leave beaming feedback for you.

5.    Repeat the above process until you have over 100 positive feedback ratings on your eBay account.  Be sure to provide fast shipping and courteous customer service to ensure only positive feedback.  After you’ve crossed 100 feedbacks, you can easily start to sell higher ticket items because the buyers will see your high feedback ratings and trust you more.
You will also nowe have gained experience of using eBay which will help you build your business.

You should take your feedback rating very seriously.  It will stay with your eBay business for all time and is the scorecard of what your customers think of you.  Feedback can either be a huge asset or a huge liability to your business.
Give the best customer service and fastest shipping you can.
Remember it’s just not worth risking getting even one terrible feedback review.  Each negative feedback tarnishes your eBay image and makes people think twice about buying from you.

Follow the steps of this post and you’ll have no problem building and maintaining a great feedback rating.