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Should You Ditch Your Plans And Start Again?

I’ve been reviewing what I have done the last 6 months and come to some drastic conclusions.

My most successful ventures online have all been based on traffic first.
ie find places with traffic and place in front of them what they want.
This has worked very well for me since 1999 starting with QXL, eBay, Freeserve Marketplace, Google, and Amazon.

Many people quote this kind of formula:
1) Find a place where there is traffic/potential customers
2) Find out what they want – eg a problem that need a solution
3) Create or source the item they need and put it in front of them

It isn’t rocket science, it isn’t a new idea – you’ve probably read this many times before.

But how many people do this, especially with information products?
Don’t most people create a product, usually an eBook, then try and find ways of getting traffic to the sales page, or email potential affiliates trying to pursuade them to sell it?
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What are your plans for 2010?

Planning the year ahead is important if you are going to succeed online but after the Christmas and New Year break it can take time to get the momentum going again.

I went away on a coach trip to Austria (videos and photos to follow) and came back to a flood of orders on Amazon. That sometimes happens after Christmas – I think some people wait to see what presents they get then buy the items they wanted but didn’t get!

I’m now running the Printing and Mail Order businesses until March while my partner is away so I won’t have so much time to spend on my IM business (hence this is my first blog post of 2010!)
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The Most Innovative Website of The Year is HERE

I spent Friday and Saturday in Manchester at Lee McIntyre’s second workshop, and was lucky to meet many interesting people – I will be saying more in future posts.

Below is a photo me with John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. I met Dave at the last workshop, but this is the first time I’ve met John. He helped me with my first product over two years ago and his promotion gave me a list of 100s of subscribers.
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