I’ve  two questions for all my readers today:)

1) What’s the most subscribers you’ve added to your list in a day?

2) What’s the biggest number of subscribers you think you can add in a day?

The most I’ve previously is about 400, the most I think I can add is over 1000.

But if you don’t set a target how are you going to reach it?

I could have just drifted along getting a few subscribers a day but then I will never reach my target for the month, or year.

That’s why I’ve set myself a challenge of adding 1000 subscribers in 24 hours, and today is the day I’ve chosen.

So set yourself a target and go for it.

If you have no list  I challenge you to build a list of 100 in a month.

If you have a small list  try adding 50 more in a day, or at least double the amount you have ever added.

Set an appropriate target but don’t make it easy.

How Can I help You?

If you are interested in knowing what methods I am using to build my list, just post a comment below and if enough people are interested I will do a follow up post or a report explaining what I did…


6am EST, 1pm UK – added 283 subscribers today so far. (I’ll be using aweber time to count the 24 hours and taking a screen shot of the total subs added at the end)

3pm EST , 8pm  UK – added 631 subscribers

Final update

I didn’t quite make it but added 918 subscribers which is not bad, and am now past 35,000




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