Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review

About a year ago I bought Google Cash Explosion 2
and after following the course and building a few sites
I managed to top $1000 in a month from it.
And my sites still make money
today… I earned $100 yesterday from them 🙂

A new updated version launched this week:

The reason this stands out from other courses on a
similar method it the detail Mark goes into.
The most important part – the research has
clear real examples, and Mark shows you his
actual results and sites.

I’m offering a bonus for anyone who gets this via my link:

1)I’ll give you the link to one of my sites
(the more examples you see the easier it will be)

2) I’ll help you if you get stuck anywhere in the

Check out the video on this page

Google Update – Quick Fix

The Latest Google Updates – Don’t Panic Just Install A Plugin

I’m sure most people have heard about the latest Google update coming on 21st April 2015.

As usual a few people are acting like it’s the end of the world because all their sites will lose ranking.

First of all it might not affect your rankings at all, and secondly there is an easy way to fix this in a couple of minutes if you need to.

Most of my 150+ wordpress sites already use a theme that is mobile-friendly such as 2011.


For the others including this blog I installed a free plugin called ‘WPtouch’ which I found by searching the plugin directory. I just activated it and that’s it. I didnt bother with any of the customization otpions as it works okay just as it is.  If you decide to use it you can make it a bit better with a few adjustments.

Anyone else any thought on this?






Have you ever wanted to have your own profitable membership sites?  They really are one of the best ways to make a living online.   The monthly recuring membership fees (even if they are only $4.95 per month) soon start to add up.

One of my sites has 28,005 members and growing all the time. (They aren’t all paid members but you can see the potential)

Maybe you have tried before and got stuck?

That’s why I’m offering to help setup your site with you.  I’ll discuss all the details with you for a total of up to 2 hours on skype as well as reviewing your site once you’ve finished.

I’ll also promote your site (providing it is good quality and in the internet marketing niche) and mention it to my colleagues.  If it is good (and I’ll make sure it is) some of them are very likely to promote it as well because it’s not always easy to find great products to promote.

So how do you qualify?

Well you only need to invest in this membership site setup guide by John Racine via my link below and send me your receipt to

keith @

Once you’ve done that we can start planning your site.

But hurry this offer is valid until 2pm EDT Tuesday 3rd June.

Good luck!





A New Plan for 2014

It’s been a year since I updated my blog!
I’ve not being doing much interent marketing other than a joint product which should launch soon and sending out a few emails, as there’s been a lot going on elsewhere. (I have a one year old daughter, a printing business and a property business).

As I haven’t been monitioring my blog for a while I have 2819 comments and they all look like spam (even though I have Akismet installed) so I’ve had to use a bulk comment remover plugin to remove them all .

Anyway I’ve come up with a new online plan for 2014, which I think anyone can do.


I’m building a new reviews blog where traffic from either search engines or emails will then be able to see various different offers instead of just mailing out one. This brings in sales of different offers as people browse the site and is already working. Each time I recommend a product by email I will also add a review to the site.
The base site is here
There are sub-domains for each topic. The one with most in so far is the Solo Ads section
These will all be interlinked at a later date.


The other part of my plan is building a new funnel to use with solo ads. This will recycle some of my existing products.
The squeeze page will be for a report in the ‘make money online’ niche followed by various upsells. Initially these will be via an affiliate link so I can sert it up fairly fast.
The first squeeze page will have an exit pop going to a second for a traffic report (I’ll be using my Traffic Tornados report).
Both optins will have auto responder sequences in place.

The overall plan combines ideas from several WSOs with a few of my own thrown in.

I’ll post updates as I develop and test this out.

What do you think of the plan, and is it something you’d like to do yourself?

What Are Your Plans For 2013

I’m very late with my first post of 2013, but a lot has happened since my last post in November 2012.

Here’s a clue 🙂

Yes, my daughter Tara-Kayleigh was born at the end of November 2012 🙂  so she’s now nearly 4 months old. Read the rest of this entry

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