Review Of PiggyBack Cash System

PiggyBack Cash System Review and Bonus

I ‘ve made a video about a product I bought yesterday called Piggy Back Cash System.


This is by 3 well known guys –  Jason Fulton, Mosh Bari and David Kirkby

This is a method about how the drive traffic through small funnels to build
their lists and make sales at the same time.

This could have been 5 products – one for the system itself and
another for each of the traffic systems.

If you take action and keep going you could easily generate at least $100 per day
and Get Started With ZERO BUDGET with this Newbie-Friendly System.
You don’t need to have a product or a list or any contacts.
There are some specific details in the videos that make each method much more powerful.
I’ve used a basic version of one these to add 100s of subscribers to my list but the way it’s
shown in this product is much more powerful.

Ease to implement
The product is step by step, watch over the shoulder and you dont have to have
no online experience and nothing complicated.
No stones are left unturned and no special skills are required.


The easy to follow steps make it quick to sacle up  big… You can take this to whatever level you like.
What I like most about this product is it makes everything simple, but still includes some tricks and twists that make the methods powerful.
Just pick your favourite from the four traffic method and go for it.
Once you’ve got it running you can really scale it up fast by outsourcing,
and that’s definately I’ll be using it.

This works

Check it out here and start making money today, but be quick as it’s on a dime-sale


You can also grab all my bonuses shown on this page

Are you too busy to build or run an online business?

There are so many distractions and other things that get in the way.

It’s been well over a year since I last posted and for various personal reasons I haven’t been list building or email marketing much over the past 4 years.

Now at the start of the new year I’ve decided to start again – if you are in the same position why not join me in building your own business?

Week 1 – Build four interconnected properties:

I’m sure a lot of people reading this will have some or all of these already, but if make a plan and start putting them together.

a) Build An Email List

I will be using GetResponse because I already have an account – I have setup a new list which you are welcome to join below.

b) Create A Blog

I have this existing blog and have just had to update it a bit and order a new header.

If you don’t have one it’s easy enough to get someone on to set one up fast.

I have a guy who setup over 100 sites for me in 2016, so if you are stuck message me and I’ll send you his details.

c) Begin A new Facebook Mastermind Group

I started mine yesterday  (5th Jan 2017) and at the time of posting had reached 26 members which is more than I expected.

Fel free to join at the link below:

d) Setup A Youtube Channel

I have an existing channel with a few videos – I may set a few as private or unlisted if they aren’t relevant

This will be used for product review videos which will be on my blog and links to this will be in emails and Facebook posts.



Finally, don’t get stuck – ask for help in my facebook group or search google or youtube and you’ll usually find the answer.

Good luck building your business in 2017 and please comment below to say what YOU will be doing 🙂




Google Cash Explosion 2.0 Review

About a year ago I bought Google Cash Explosion 2
and after following the course and building a few sites
I managed to top $1000 in a month from it.
And my sites still make money
today… I earned $100 yesterday from them 🙂

A new updated version launched this week:

The reason this stands out from other courses on a
similar method it the detail Mark goes into.
The most important part – the research has
clear real examples, and Mark shows you his
actual results and sites.

I’m offering a bonus for anyone who gets this via my link:

1)I’ll give you the link to one of my sites
(the more examples you see the easier it will be)

2) I’ll help you if you get stuck anywhere in the

Check out the video on this page

Google Update – Quick Fix

The Latest Google Updates – Don’t Panic Just Install A Plugin

I’m sure most people have heard about the latest Google update coming on 21st April 2015.

As usual a few people are acting like it’s the end of the world because all their sites will lose ranking.

First of all it might not affect your rankings at all, and secondly there is an easy way to fix this in a couple of minutes if you need to.

Most of my 150+ wordpress sites already use a theme that is mobile-friendly such as 2011.


For the others including this blog I installed a free plugin called ‘WPtouch’ which I found by searching the plugin directory. I just activated it and that’s it. I didnt bother with any of the customization otpions as it works okay just as it is.  If you decide to use it you can make it a bit better with a few adjustments.

Anyone else any thought on this?






Have you ever wanted to have your own profitable membership sites?  They really are one of the best ways to make a living online.   The monthly recuring membership fees (even if they are only $4.95 per month) soon start to add up.

One of my sites has 28,005 members and growing all the time. (They aren’t all paid members but you can see the potential)

Maybe you have tried before and got stuck?

That’s why I’m offering to help setup your site with you.  I’ll discuss all the details with you for a total of up to 2 hours on skype as well as reviewing your site once you’ve finished.

I’ll also promote your site (providing it is good quality and in the internet marketing niche) and mention it to my colleagues.  If it is good (and I’ll make sure it is) some of them are very likely to promote it as well because it’s not always easy to find great products to promote.

So how do you qualify?

Well you only need to invest in this membership site setup guide by John Racine via my link below and send me your receipt to

keith @

Once you’ve done that we can start planning your site.

But hurry this offer is valid until 2pm EDT Tuesday 3rd June.

Good luck!





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